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About the Designer

Zelda Farzak, Designer

Turkish-American designer, entrepreneur and green beauty founder based in New York. She studied Fashion Design at The Art Institutes in New York and Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design in New York City.

She started her design path at her childhood as she won awards and honors in design and art fields. She had worked at multiple design companies in New York before launching her fashion label Zelda Farzak in 2019.

Her fascination of art, purity and quality materials led her to create silhouettes with a sense of sophistication. Under her fashion label, she focuses on creating solid shapes regardless of the type of a woman body and designs for every woman to celebrate their existence at every size, age and figure by providing adjustability and twisted details that are brought into life with sustainable materials.

Her designs capture the timeless New York City aesthetic that offers confidence and suitability for various occasions. 


This is the story of fashion accessories that represent a way of life and authentic values – accessories that are born to look good and to feel good about, accessories that are worn to make a statement.

This is a story of passion, compassion and determination to disrupt the status quo and to bring people and animals together in mutual respect.
It is a story of drive and creativity, of millions of steps towards a more responsible and loving future. It is a story of finding new ways to create beautiful things that become a lifestyle.

This is a story in which ethics meets aesthetics. It is the story of those who believe in love and a new way of doing business, a new way of living – reshaping it, day after day since 2019.